About our teachers

Yug Ajay

Sound Therapist and Instructor

Yug Ajay is a professional sound healing therapist who has been in the sound healing therapy from the past 5 years. From his early age he was always obsessed with nature, music and the energy that surrounds us. And it was his obsession that led him forward in seeking knowledge and learning from a great vedic master who had the ancient secrets of “Baidangya Bidya”.It was Ajay’s first step and which changed his life from then .His search of knowledge did not end there yet, he explored many places, had “Satsang” with Babas and Sadhus , learned different forms of yoga and as a result his years of research and knowledge was gifted with the divine sound of the singing bowls. For the next few years he explored even more in the depth of vibrations, sounds, colors, rays and frequencies and how these elements affect our lives, and these are the knowledge he has been sharing with everyone from the past 5 years. Today he has shared his knowledge to more than a thousand people around the world.

Sunil Rayamajhi

Sound Therapist

Influenced from the music from his early childhood, Sunil has been working and certified as a sound therapist from the past 2 years. He is a dedicated and passionate sound therapist and has been conducting Chakra healing sessions workshops retreats and classes for the basic course students.

Deepak Thapa

Sound Therapist

Anil Rayamajhi

Sound Therapist

Formerly the student of Ajay Chhetri, he was greatly influenced by the sound healing therapies which persuaded him in learning the way and techniques of sound healing. As a result of his dedication, now he is a sound therapist at Nepal Singing Bowls. He has actively participated in different workshops and involved in different sessions conduct by Nepal Singing Bowls.


Sound Therapist